The men in black-and-white stripes aren't the least bit popular with Oilers fans today.

Can you say "goaltender interference?" How about "offside" or "icing?"

The vast and vociferous multitude known as Oilers Nation seems pretty convinced the officials who worked Wednesday's playoff game at Rogers Place were unfamiliar with any of the aforementioned terms.

Did missed calls in Game 4 hurt the Oilers?1:00

Where to begin?

How about the first period, where for 20 minutes the hometown Oilers partied like it was 1988. They skated hard. They hit hard. They outshot the Ducks 16-10 and outscored them 2-0.

An entire nation breathes easier.

But one period doth not a game make.

Cue the Ducks.

They take less than two minutes to cut the lead in half, when at 1:37 of the second period Ryan Getzlaf whips a wrist shot past Oilers goalie Cam Talbot.

But wait. Didn't Corey Perry bump Talbot before the puck went in? Wasn't that goaltender interference?

Oilers fans certainly thought so.

So did coach Todd McLellan, promptly challenged the play.

The officials huddled. They took what seemed like forever to review the video.

Then down came the gavel, and the verdict. Not guilty. Good goal.

"I disagree with the call or I wouldn't have challenged it," McLellan said after the game. "I thought he interfered with blocker and hands and he (Talbot) couldn't make the save. They didn't see it that way. They gained a little momentum at that point."

Talbot chose his words less carefully.

"We were up 2-0 and they get a garbage goal like that early in the second, and they got all the momentum," he said. "That was a turning point for sure."

As for the video, well, Talbot thought the jury got it wrong.

"I thought that was pretty obvious," he said. "I try to play with integrity and not flop and dive. Maybe I have to start doing that to get the calls. I don't know what else to do on that one. He clearly hit my blocker and my pad and there was no way I could make that save."

Cue Rikard Rakell. At 5:33 of the second he bangs the puck past Talbot to tie the game.

But wait. Wasn't the play offside?

Oilers fans certainly thought so.

But since McLellan had already lost his challenge, he couldn't ask for a review.

Good goal.

By the end of the second period, the Ducks had outshot the Oilers 21-5 and outscored them 3-0.

Cue the Oilers.

Now trailing 3-2, the home team resumes its regularly scheduled program. Once again they skate hard. They hit hard. They outshoot the Ducks and with less than two minutes, Oilers forward Drake Caggiula ties the score.

An entire nation breathes easier.

Cue overtime.

Which lasts all of 45 seconds. One shot, one goal. Ducks win.

But wait.

Didn't Anaheim just ice the puck? Shouldn't the play have been blown dead?

Oilers fans certainly thought so.

The replay clearly showed that one linesman had his arm raised, as if preparing to call the icing. The other linesman waved him off.

With the series tied 2-2, the teams head to Anaheim for a game Friday.

Can you say "we was robbed?"

Oilers fans certainly think so.