The Alberta government is launching an inspection blitz of about 200 convenience stores and gas bars across the province to ensure employers are following workplace safety rules.

Inspectors from Occupational Health and Safety will make sure stores follow standards on working alone, prevention of workplace violence, pay deductions and the employment of young people.

"Health and safety on the job is paramount," Labour Minister Christina Gray said in a news release.

"Employers are responsible to take all precautions to ensure their workers are safe, treated fairly and go home to their families at the end of the day, no matter what industry they work in."

The inspection campaign comes two months after two employees of Mac's Stores in Edmonton were killed on the job while working alone in the early hours of Dec. 18.

The deaths at two separate Mac's locations raised questions about whether Alberta law should prohibit employees from working alone overnight, or at least force employers to offer them more protection. 

In B.C., late-night retail operations must protect solo workers behind a locked door or barrier, schedule another worker on shift, or provide a violence protection program that includes putting cash in time-lock safes and having access to a personal emergency transmitter that is monitored by the employer or a security company. 

The Alberta inspection campaign will take about three months. If infractions are found, inspectors can take action including issuing stop work orders on the spot. 

The results of the blitz will be used by the government as part of its review of workplace safety and employment standards laws.