Number of pothole claims sets new record

This year, the city of Edmonton has received about 1,400 claims for damage caused by potholes, making 2013 the worst year ever
The city has received more than 1,400 claims from drivers 1:55

The city of Edmonton has received about 1,400 claims for vehicle damage caused by potholes, making 2013 a record-setting year.

"Most years we have under 200," said Don Marshall, the city’s director of risk management.

"Our worst year to date, before this year, was about 1,100 claims. And we thought that was a bit of an anomaly. But this year has been by far the worst."

Once the city receives the claim, staff investigate whether they should be paid. Marshall said the entire process takes about six to eight weeks.

He couldn’t say how many claims have been approved so far, but said the city usually denies between 75 to 80 per cent of them.

People usually put in submissions for damaged rims and tires, but this year, the city is receiving claims for more significant damage, Marshall said.

"That’s directly related to the state of repair of the roadways," he said. "Some of the potholes were fairly significant and some of them were in fairly high-speed locations."