Residents north of downtown are wondering why it took repair crews three hours to shut off the water following a watermain break last night.

Three homes in the area of 111th Avenue and 96th Street were flooded and 90 left without water.

Residents said they noticed the leak at 11 p.m. but crews couldn't locate the leak.

"It was a geyser. It was about five feet high by about four feet wide," said Christine Miller.

"At a quarter to three, the firemen came to the front door and offered to take people out in boats."

The water flowed for almost 3 hours before crews were able to turn it off.

"Two trucks came down and they started trying to figure out what tools to use," said resident Rob Aldridge.

"They walked over there. Next thing you hear is a big boom and then the one guy says, 'Oh, we got a big one now,' and then they left."

Crews realized the break was near a high pressure main line as soon as they arrived, EPCOR spokesman Tim LeRiche said.

"Our crews were concerned for their safety because the water was coming out so fast and in so much volume that it was dangerous and they simply had to move away," he said.

A number of homes were evacuated due to concerns of gas and water in the basement.

Water was restored to 60 affected homes by Tuesday afternoon.