Gift Lake School

The Gift Lake School in northern Alberta will remain closed permanently over air quality issues. (Northland School Division)

A school in northern Alberta closed temporarily earlier this month due to health concerns is not expected to re-open again.

Gift Lake School has been plagued by mould and air quality issues for years with staff and students reporting health problems.

"I had one daughter that was getting a lot of headaches and then stomach aches," said Josephine Belcourt. "Then my younger daughter — who's in ECS — she was having nose bleeds so I pulled them out."

Belcourt removed her children from the school last month and they're now attending two different schools in separate communities.

Belcourt said she's upset with the way the issue has been handled.

"I think that children were put a risk," she said. "We were told over and over that the school was safe. That's ridiculous  it's been too long  and meanwhile children are getting sick and we don't know what going to happen with them in the long term with health."

Northland School Division superintendent Donna Barrett says students will be bused to school near Atikameg until portable classrooms arrive in Gift Lake.

Barrett said those will be used until a new school is built, which is scheduled to open in December.

Gift Lake is a Metis settlement about 85 kilometres northeast of High Prairie.