The suspicious death last night of a man in northeast Edmonton has been ruled a homicide.

Kyle Curtis Scheck, 26, died after he was stabbed in the chest while at a condo apartment at 65th Street and 128th Avenue.

A second man was found also suffering from stab wounds at a nearby parking lot. He remains in hospital in stable but serious condition. 

“He’s going to survive," said police spokesman Scott Pattison.

Both men were known to police, Pattison said. Police say the men were stabbed in the same apartment and believe the incident was related to drugs and gangs. 

A woman who lived below the condo where Scheck was killed said she heard what sounded like someone falling to the floor and being beaten.

She was making supper at about 7:30 p.m. when she heard people stomping in the condo above her. 

"It sounded like there was people slamming into things," she said. "Somebody fell to the floor and it sounded like someone was being beat up. I heard screaming."

The woman said the tenants in the condo have lived there since she moved in about six years ago.