With more people taking to the North Saskatchewan River for recreation, the city is looking at ways of making the river safer and quieter.

"It only takes one idiot to get out there and decide that their ability to make noise is more important than other people's enjoyment of the river and ruin it for everybody, unfortunately," said Coun. Ben Henderson.

"The intent is to make sure that everybody can enjoy what is a public asset that we all share."

The city wants more people to get out and use the river, but wants to get ahead of any potential problems, he said.

The city is adding up to half a dozen boat docks and launches this spring, which are expected to bring more traffic to the water.

A report that goes to a council committee Monday suggests some possible solutions, such as implementing no-wake zones and speed limits, increased enforcement and educating boaters.

One possibility is to increase the presence of park rangers and peace officers on the river and at boat launches, to deal with noise complaints, littering, alcohol consumption, speeding, interference with wildlife, and to educate boaters about safety and excessive noise.

The city will also look at bolstering current bylaws and penalties.