Nominations for Alberta PC leadership open on May 15

The party has announced the rules for the upcoming leadership race

Nominations for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party will open on May 15, the party announced Tuesday.

The leadership race was triggered when Alison Redford stepped down as premier and party leader last month.

The deadline for filing nomination papers is May 30. The candidates will then be introduced at a function on June 2.

The party has previously announced that the vote for Redford's replacement will take place on Sept. 6.

If no one receives more than 50 per cent of the vote, the second ballot will take place on Sept. 20.

The party has also announced that individuals and corporations cannot donate more than $30,000 to a candidate's campaign. 

So far, only former Municipal Affairs minister Ken Hughes has announced that he is running.

Dave Hancock, who is serving as premier and interim party leader, has no plans to run.