Nickel aims to return to Edmonton city council

Former city councillor Mike Nickel will run for a seat in Edmonton's Ward 11 now up for grabs with incumbent Coun. Kerry Diotte making a bid for the mayors chair.

Former councillor hopes to replace Coun. Kerry Diotte

Former Edmonton councillor Mike Nickel announces his intention Wednesday to seek a council seat in the southeast Ward 11. (Lydia Neufeld/CBC News)

Former city councillor Mike Nickel will run for a seat in Edmonton's Ward 11 now up for grabs with incumbent Coun. Kerry Diotte making a bid for the mayor's chair.

Nickel himself ran twice unsuccessfully for mayor before winning a council seat in 2007.

He lost that seat the following election to current councillor Don Iveson.

Nickel said he has a new perspective from his previous days on city council.

"I used to see things through a different prism," he said. "I said, 'It's got to be this fiscal agenda and we've got to hold on to that.'

"I know (now) it's a balancing act," he said.

Though he doesn't live in the ward, he grew up there. Having an open seat helped him decide to take a run at it, he said.

"It's just about a fresh start,' he said. "We have half of council changing over. We got a new mayor's race coming.

"I think I have still a lot of good ideas to put forward."

The civic election is in October.