It's past midnight, your pants lay crumpled on the floor, a hungry delirium has taken hold and the thought of crawling into your car to grab a bite seems like an insurmountable task.

For Maxim Wilhelm, you're the perfect customer.

The Edmonton man is set to launch the city's newest delivery service.

L8Nite Snacks promises to dish out late-night snacks and junk food to anyone with an after-hours hankering.

He admits that most of his customers will be buzzed.

"If people are intoxicated, I'm happy to help them out so I can do the driving for them. But anyone can use the service."

Starting next month, Wilhem and a small contingent of drivers will be taking online orders for any restaurant, food truck or convenience store in the city.

Not only can you order staples like pizza and Chinese take-out, but even snacks and candy from the convenience store.

Deliveries will be available on Friday and Saturday nights, but Wilhem hopes to expand the service, depending on demand.

"I got the idea from a bunch of big cities in Canada. I was in Vancouver and my buddy used a late-night delivery system. And it thought, 'That's interesting, why doesn't Edmonton have one?"

And L8Nite Snacks isn't the only new after-hours service in town.

Drizly, an American company, will provide deliveries in a bottle.

That's right, the app-based service will bring custom orders of booze and beer, right to your door.

You may never have to leave the house again.