Edmonton police confirmed on Friday that the individuals charged with locking up a young woman to force her into an arranged marriage are her parents.

Muhammed Rafi, 53 is charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, unlawful confinement and assault. Najma Khokhar, 63, is charged with unlawful confinement and assault.

When police first announced the charges on Thursday, they did not release the names of the accused nor their relationship to the alleged victim.

Police allege that Rafi and Khokhar locked up their 21-year-old daughter in their south Edmonton home last February after she refused to go along with an arranged marriage.

Court documents say the weapons allegedly used in the assault were an electrical cord and laptop computer.

Const. Patrick Ruzage from the Hate Crimes Unit said the young woman initially called police so she could get away from her parents.

"She didn't want to press charges, obviously, at the time," he said. "But later on she did come forward and wanted to pursue this further."

Police arrested the couple after they returned from southeast Asia. They spent one night in custody before being released on bail.  They'll be back in court in December. 

Ruzage says the alleged victim is doing well.

"Right now she's very safe," he said. "She hasn't had any contact with her family for awhile"

Police hope that this case will convince others to come forward.