Residents in Ambleside got a big surprise last week, one they're not happy about — a 45-metre tall cellphone tower.

People whose properties back on to tower, which belongs to Rogers Communications, say they're outraged.

"Absolute disgust" was how resident Paul Quaid described his reaction when he saw the tower for the first time. "You can see it from the Anthony Henday."

Quaid said none of his neighbours were consulted before the tower was erected.

"The lack of — I mean, there was no notice whatsoever," Quaid told CBC News. "And then, just overnight, you have this massive tower."

'Absolute disgust.' - Homeowner Paul Quaid describing his reaction at seeing the new cellphone tower

In fact, public consultations took place in early 2011, but back then the affected houses hadn't been built. According to city records only two people attended the public meeting.

"The street was just dirt," Quaid said. "It was all unoccupied."

In a statement to CBC, a Rogers spokesperson said "the site meets all city, Industry Canada, Health Canada and Transport Canada requirements." Notices were sent to "residents, the local councillor, the community league, the local MP and the city of Edmonton planning department."

"Since they put that up my doorbell has been going non-stop from people not even on our block, coming to ask me if it's temporary, asking me what are my thoughts," Quaid said. "It's been absolutely non-stop."

Quaid and his neighbours have put in calls to their MLAs, MPs and local councillors, but the city says Rogers has met all of its obligations, leaving residents with no legal recourse.

With files from Laura Osman