Plans for a new Alberta licence plate have been put on hold as a cost-cutting measure, the province announced Wednesday.

The province has instead decided to add a fourth number to the current plate configurations. 

"It simply doesn't make sense to me to commit millions of dollars to replace all plates in the province this year," Service Alberta Minister Heather Klimchuk said in a news release.

More than 33,000 people took part in a consultation on a new slogan and design for the redesigned plates.

The existing plates with the "Wild Rose Country" slogan have been in use since 1983.

Klimchuk said the province still plans to go ahead with an update in the future.

"A lot of great work has been done to gather input and develop ideas for a new design, and that work won't be lost,"  she said.

"We will be ready when it makes economic sense to introduce a new plate for the province — a plate that speaks to Albertans' pride and makes use of the latest technology."

The province will now work on the logistics of introducing another number to the plate with police, registry agents and others.

All the combinations under the current three letter/three number configuration will run out this summer.