A National Post column describing Edmontonians as "twitchy-eyed, machete-wielding savages" has angered some residents, including Mayor Stephen Mandel, who took it as a slam against his city.

"It was quite disgusting," Mandel said on Friday.

"I see no satire mentioned in it. I see no joke in it. I see just a vicious, malicious, nasty comment that needs to be repudiated in a way of the highest order."

The comment appeared this week in a column by Chris Selley where he discussed an editorial in the Calgary Herald which praised communities affected by flooding for not rioting or committing major crimes.

"But that’s not southern Alberta’s way and never has been," the editorial stated.

To that Selley added: "Edmonton, for example, would be a smoking hole in the ground at this point, infested with twitchy-eyed, machete-wielding savages."

While some on Twitter saw it as a criticism, others said the comment was mocking the Calgary Herald for suggesting that the ability to maintain social order in a disaster was a characteristic solely demonstrated by southern Albertans.