A song by a 17-year-old Edmonton singer that pays tribute to her Métis heritage has been picked up by radio stations across Canada.

“The Prayer Song” is co-written and performed by Nakita Kohan. She says it came together with the help of an elder from her community.

“The hook of the song is a Cherokee mourning song,” Kohan said.

“He brought it to me and said that he thought it would be good to add English words to it. So that way it would appeal more to the younger generation.”

Last week, Kohan shared the music video online and sent the song directly to some radio stations. The next day she received a call from Salt Spring Island, B.C.

“They're like ooh, we're going to play your song this morning,” she said.

“I was like that's so cool. And by the end of the day it had already been picked up by more than 70 radio stations across Canada.”

Kohan started her professional performing career as an anthem singer for sports teams like the Edmonton OIl KIngs.

With six compositions to her credit, Kohan hopes that success of “Prayer Song” will lead to a career in the music industry.