NAIT's cheese expert shows you how to make 30-minute mozzarella

NAIT's culinary arts program is now selling its homemade cheeses and instructor Alan Roote shows us how they make it.

NAIT's culinary arts program has been teaching students to make cheese from scratch for years. But now, the school is selling artisanal cheese at its retail meat store. 

The store currently sells feta, mozzarella and brie. The cheese has also been used in dishes served at Ernest's, NAIT's fine-dining restaurant.

Instructor Alan Roote says selling the cheese will help with the students' professional development. 

In this photogallery, Roote takes us through a step-by-step process on how to make mozzarella in half an hour.

The school is also hoping to develop a one-day cheesemaking course for the general public.