An Edmonton mosque has backed down on plans to build a school in the city's southwest.


The Muslim Association of Canada abandoned plans to build a classroom in this old Lessard strip mall. ((CBC))

The Muslim Association of Canada wanted to put classrooms on the top floor of a strip mall  that it purchased in the Lessard neighbourhood.

But the plan to build the school for some 150 students faced opposition from residents, who complained it would pose traffic problems.

Some residents also worried that the school might spread radical Islamic thought.

The Muslim Association disputed those claims, but association chair Issam Saleh said it was not worth upsetting the community.

"We're not discouraged," Saleh said. "We are responding in a very positive way, because at the end of the day, we're building a community. We're not here to break up the community. So, we want the best for the community at large."

He said the group is looking for another location for the school.

"We heard the neighbours, and the neighbours felt that there's no room for the school to be here. So, we are responding in a positive way and we're just putting it on hold, hoping that we can find another location."

The Muslim Association continues to run a mosque in the old Lessard Mall.