The family of a teenager diagnosed with terminal cancer gave him a once-in-a-lifetime birthday party on Saturday.

Adam Cripps, 15, was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in July. His family was told he has only months to live.

This was the fourth time Adam has been diagnosed with cancer. He has already lost his bladder, prostate and left leg to the disease.

"When we got the news that he was sick again – it was instantly my thought, we need to do something huge," said his aunt Daris Kieley.

And because Adam, a music-lover, was too sick to attend Boonstock this year, his aunt and grandmother decided to throw a mini version of the music festival just for him.

Adamstock featured 10 bands, acoustic acts and DJs with full concert sound and light, food vendors, and even had a merchandise tent selling t-shirts to commemorate the event.

CBC’s Travis McEwan was one of more than 100 people who traveled to Gibbons, Alta to attend the special festival.