Edmonton MP Peter Goldring speaks to reporters following his trial on a charge of refusing to give a breath sample. (CBC)

While Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims it's commonplace to reimburse caucus members for what he calls "valid legal expenses," embattled Edmonton MP Peter Goldring covered his own legal bills this year while facing a criminal charge.

"I paid for them myself," Goldring told CBC News Wednesday.

Goldring was acquitted in June of refusing to provide a breath sample after he had run up significant legal bills of his own.

Goldring did not ask to have his bills paid at the time, and even after the Duffy bombshell, he will not ask for retroactive coverage.

"No.  No.  It might be nice. I know my legal tab was very, very expensive.  But I'm a big boy.  I look after my own difficulties," he said.

Earlier this week Harper confirmed that a Conservative party lawyer wrote a $13,000 cheque to cover Senator Mike Duffy's legal costs in his battle over his senate expenses.

Goldring said his only complaint about the party covering Duffy's legal bill is that it took so long for that information to be made public.

With files from CBC's Janice Johnston