Mouldy hot dog no cool treat for Edmonton mom

A mouldy hot dog is pitting an Edmonton mother against a Dairy Queen restaurant south of the city.
An Edmonton mother is angry over the response from Dairy Queen after purchasing a mouldy hot dog last month. (Pam Depeel)

A mouldy hot dog is pitting an Edmonton mother against a Dairy Queen restaurant south of the city. 

On July 22, Pam Depeel and her family of five stopped at the fast food drive through in Ponoka, Alta., 100 kilometres south of Edmonton.

After ordering their food and driving away, Depeel's seven-year-old daughter noticed something wrong with her hot dog.

"She had it for a couple of seconds and then she said, 'Mommy this doesn't smell good, I can't eat this,'" said Depeel. "She passed it back up and that's when I looked at it and the hot dog was rancid and the bun was covered in mold, on both sides of the bun."

Depeel took pictures of the weiner and bun before throwing them out.

She then contacted the manager of the restaurant, which is owned independently, as well as Dairy Queen's head office.

The manager apologized and promised to send out some coupons, but Depeel never received them.

"They are doing nothing and they stoppped communicating with me," she said. "I need to know that some child is not going to get a mouldy hot dog like this again."

A spokesperson for Dairy Queen called her complaint unfortunate, but isolated.

The company said it has sent Depeel $100 in gift certificates, but Depeel said she hasn't received those either.

"I have proof you have served me an inadequate meal and your response is to do nothing and that makes me really unhappy," she said.