Police in Edmonton are warning motorcyclists to slow down after a man was killed late Sunday morning when his motorcycle slammed into a car that pulled out in front of him.

The crash happened at 101st Street and 106th Avenue, just north of the city's downtown.

"That was horrible. I just couldn't believe it, " said Lenhard Busch, who was working on a construction site just metres from where the crash happened.


A man died after he crashed his motorcycle into a car at 101st Street and 106th Avenue Sunday morning. ((Kathy Kiel/CBC))

"I heard the bike skidding. I was sort of blinded by a couple of vehicles and then I heard the bang. So I jumped down off the slab and I ran over there and looked and I seen an ambulance right behind him. Ladies got out of the ambulance and went over to him and pretty much said he was dead."

Police believe the driver of the motorcycle was speeding, and are warning motorcyclists that other drivers are not used to sharing the road after the long winter.

"Keeping your speeds down. Be a lot more aware of your actions as a motorcycle rider and also for the operators of cars," said Const. Troy Forester.

"If everybody abides by the rules of the roads and keeps their speeds down and plays it safe, there shouldn't be any more injuries like this happening in the future."

Most Edmonton roads are still covered with sand and gravel which can send motorcycles into a deadly skid if drivers are not careful, said Forester.

The name of the victim has not yet been released.