The mother of an Edmonton teen who was struck and killed in a hit and run earlier this month is pleading for answers.

Rebecca Benjamin believes someone has information that could lead police to the driver that killed her 18-year-old daughter Faith Jackson on Oct. 14th.

"I need help," Benjamin said Tuesday at a memorial near the collision site at 82nd Street and 141st Avenue. "I'm begging and I'm pleading someone to let us know what happened to my baby."

Jackson, the mother of a one-year-old boy, died shortly after she was taken to hospital. Later that day, police found an abandoned 2012 Dodge Charger they believe was involved, but they've yet to lay charges.

"I go to sleep and I cry for her. Nothing will change this pain that I have," Benjamin said.

"Me and my family —we're going through so much right now. At least if we know who it was, it would give us a little bit of peace."