The mother of a pedestrian who was almost killed at a crosswalk has a message for the man who hit her daughter with his truck.

Amy Anders was 23 years old last April when she was struck by a truck that failed to stop at a crosswalk near 178th Street and 93rd Avenue.

Amy was rushed to hospital where staff were able to save her life, but just.

"She almost died that night," said Amy’s mother Cecilia Anders.


Emergency responders on scene where Amy Anders was hit in 2012. (CBC)

But now, 13 months after the collision, Amy remains in a coma.

Spiro Skagos, 68, was driving the truck that hit Amy.

This week, Skagos pleaded guilty of failing to yield to a pedestrian. He was fined $2,000 and his licence was suspended for two months.

When asked what she thought of the sentence, Anders was pragmatic.

"The Crown prosecutor argued for the [maximum three month sentence], and his lawyer argued for no suspension," she said. "I think the judge took into consideration that he had pleaded guilty."

Anders said that she is grateful Skagos didn’t fight the charge.

"That was a good thing," she said. "It didn’t put us through the agony of not having pleaded guilty or having fled the scene or anything like that. He wasn’t drunk... or speeding at the time."

But she would still like to see Skagos change the way he drives.

Anders said she hopes Skagos participates in a driver re-education program before he regains his licence, and that he will be more careful when he starts driving again.

"I hope he thinks long and hard about how he drives," she said.

"He's going to go on doing what he wants," she added, "and my daughter will not — not right now, anyways."

And for now, Anders said her priority remains on her daughter's health. She said she has seen some signs that Amy may be improving.

"We're not giving up," she said, "and I don’t think Amy is either."