A new poll by market research company Ipsos Reid says most adult Albertans did not get a flu shot this year, despite there being 15 flu-related deaths so far, as well as warnings issued by health officials.

Fifty-seven per cent of Albertans skipped the flu shot lines this year, according to the online poll.

The poll also showed Albertans over the age of 55 were significantly more likely to have gotten the flu shot (63 per cent) compared to those between 35 and 54 (38 per cent) and under 35 (30 per cent).

Fewer than one in ten Albertans who had not yet received a shot intended to do so this year.

Behind the numbers

Despite the long lines and vaccine shortages, more than three-quarters of respondents said "it is easy and convenient to get a flu shot for those who want one."

While overall opinion was split almost evenly, nearly 60 per cent of those of those who avoided the flu shot say they think the side effects from the vaccine cause more trouble than the flu itself.

A total of 814 Albertans participated in the online poll, which was conducted between Jan. 16 and 24.