Morinville Baptists vow to rebuild after church fire

Fire officials are investigating after the Morinville Baptist Church was destroyed by fire Saturday morning.
Pastor Bill Wicks and one of the church elders watch as fire crews put out hotspots at the Morinville Baptist Church. (CBC News)

Church-goers in the Morinville say they will rebuild after fire destroyed the town's Baptist church Saturday morning.

"There's nothing much left. I look at it and I said, boy, there's a lot of blood and sweat we put into that building and now it's gone. It's totalled," said church elder Howard Killick.

Pastor Bill Wicks says the community has stepped in with offers of support and money in the wake of the fire. (CBC News)

"We wanted the church to get on fire for the Lord, but we didn't think it would start that way," he joked. 

Firefighters from Morinville and nearby Legal were called to the church at 5:30 a.m.

Crews were still dealing with hotspots hours later.

No one was injured in the blaze.

Fire fighters say the scene is still too hot to begin investigating the cause of the fire.

Killick says the church plans to hold its service in Sunday at another location.

"If the Lord wants to close us down, he'll have to do something different."

Pastor Bill Wicks says he started getting offers of help from the community as soon as news of the fire spread.

"We’ve had offers for rent and we’ve had condolences …that’s been very encouraging," Wicks said.

"It isn’t something that can’t be replaced. We, as Baptists, don’t think the church is the building, but the people in it."