More money to fix Edmonton potholes

Some relief is on the way for motorists navigating deteriorating city streets.

City posts list of streets deemed most in need of repair

Some relief is on the way for motorists navigating deteriorating city streets.

The city's transportation committee is recommending the city spend an additional $12 million fixing potholes this spring.

"People need to understand that we live in a country that has a very wet soil," said Mayor Stephen Mandel. "When water gets into it ... where there's cracks in it you're going to create potholes."

Mandel said he is disappointed the city hasn't been using a relatively inexpensive procedure to keep up with potholes.

"Grind-and-fill actually takes the top four inches off the asphalt and puts another four inches down and it eliminates the potholes and lasts eight to 10 years longer," he said.

The city will concentrate on a list of about two dozen roads that need repairs the most.

City administration cut $40 million from road maintenance budget last year.

Below is a list of city streets considered most in need of repair.