More Albertans delaying retirement

Whether it is a desire to stay in the workforce, or not being able to afford leaving it, the province's workforce is getting older.

 Alberta’s workforce is getting older, with more people deciding to delay retirement to continue working.

According to a report by ATB Financial, nearly half the workers in Alberta are over 55.

That’s up from less than 30 per cent twenty years ago.

For some, like Clark Hamel, the decision to hold off retirement is a choice.

Hamel spent two decades working in the healthcare industry and is now looking for a new career.

" I don’t see myself retiring. I don’t want to," he said.

"I want to stay involved and stay engaged.  And as long as my health is good, that’s what I want to do."

But for others, continuing to work isn’t voluntary.

Madeline Turner is also looking for work and says she can’t afford to think about retirement right now.

"They call us the sandwich generation, where we’re looking after children  … and looking after elderly parents," she said.  "I think just the economics of it forces people to be working longer."

The report suggests that longer better medical treatments  and lifespans are other reasons people are working longer.