Molson Coors says it will discontinue sales of Black Label Big 10 beer in Alberta. (CBC)

Molson Coors says it's going to stop selling one of its products in Alberta for the good of the community.

The company made the decision after a pilot program in Edmonton to reduce violence in some neighbourhoods found that inexpensive beverages with a high percentage of alcohol were being sold in large volumes and increasing the risk of victimization and violence.

The City of Edmonton and Edmonton Police Service Neighbourhood Empowerment Team came up with an awareness program to make consumers and retailers aware that some bottles of single-serve alcohol were equal to as many as seven cans of beer.

Molson Coors says the work of the team led to the company's decision to discontinue distribution of the Black Label Big 10 product in Alberta, one of the most popular drinks of choice for those with alcohol addictions. The beer is 10.1 per cent alcohol content, so a 1.18 litre bottle is equal to 2.36 litres or seven cans of regular strength beer.

Andrew Stordeur, Alberta sales director for Molson Coors says it's about promoting responsible choices and doing what's best for the communities in which they do business.

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht says almost half of the calls in the downtown area are alcohol related, and he hopes this move will reduce those calls.