The Wildrose Party is calling on Alberta to introduce recall legislation for MLAs.

The proposal is part of a package of policies released on Wednesday which includes a crackdown on severance packages for all government employees.

The recall system proposed by the Wildrose would see MLAs face an immediate byelection if 20 per cent of people in their riding sign a petition.

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says the idea makes sense.

“I think if you set the bar high enough when somebody has truly demonstrated an abuse of the public trust, it gives them a mechanism to be able to fire their representative midstream rather than have to wait for the next election,” Smith said.

The Wildrose also wants limits placed on severance packages for political staff and government employees: less than $100,000 for five or fewer years of service and no more than $200,000 for everyone else.

The government’s proposed Bill 2 places limits on severance for political staff only.

Other Wildrose policy ideas include strengthening whistleblower legislation, limiting government travel expenses and improving access to government information.