A mix-up that caused an Edmonton man on a disability income to lose a much-needed $400 supplement has prompted the Capital Region Housing Corporation to review its procedures.

Last month, Patrick Gignac lost his apartment in a fire. After scrambling to find a new place to live, a landlord gave him a break.

“They gave it to me for the same price as I was paying over there,” he said.

However, Gignac’s new apartment was mistakenly listed as a rooming house on a City of Edmonton website.

That prompted Capital Region Housing Corporation to cut his monthly supplement.

City documents show that the place has been considered an apartment for two years.

Following inquiries from CBC News, the corporation’s executive director Greg Dewling spoke to the city.

Gignac was right — officials confirmed that his new home is considered an apartment, meaning he will get his subsidy back.

Dewling says the Capital Region Housing Corporation will conduct a review to see if this type of situation has affected any of its other 3,000 clients.

“Pending that review we may or may not make some changes,” Dewling said.

Gignac says the mix-up never should have happened in the first place. He faces considerable financial headaches until he receives his money.

“It's just a gigantic worry,” he said.