Anina Hundsdoerfer

Alberta government scientist Anina Hundsdoerfer went missing Saturday. (EPS)

The car belonging to a missing Alberta government scientist has been found in a remote area near Rocky Mountain House.

Anina Hundsdoerfer, 32, hasn’t been heard from since Saturday when she went to work in downtown Edmonton.

She left behind her phone and identification but her 2005 blue Toyota Echo was gone.

Fish and Wildlife officers workers found the car on the side of Highway 734 between Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg around 4:30 p.m.Tuesday and contacted police.

RCMP checked the vehicle and learned it belonged to Hundsdoerfer.

Staff Sgt. Bill Laidlaw, RCMP detachment commander in Rocky Mountain House, says two search teams started looking for Hundsdoerfer but snow and the remote location have made it hard for them to get into the area.

“It’s waist-deep snow with 25 to 40 centimetres having fallen in the past two days," he said. 

Laidlaw says there wasn't much evidence around the car. Forensic officers will start searching for evidence once it warms up. 

Hundsdoerfer's friends in Edmonton put posters around downtown and organized efforts to find her.  

Now that the car has been found outside the city, her roommate Caroline Hendley says they will leave matters to the police and search and rescue. 

“They’re the people who know how to do this. We’re not equipped to do that," she said. 

Hendley is asking people who live in and around Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg to keep an eye out for Hundsdoerfer.