Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths has created controversy with a remark that suggested urban Albertans don’t contribute to the economy compared to their rural counterparts.

Griffiths made the comment in the Alberta legislature on Wednesday after responding to a question from Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman.

Blakeman said cities and towns with 83 per cent of the province’s population don’t receive the same per-capita funding as rural districts and counties.

Griffiths replied that he wasn't going to engage in an "us versus them" scenario.

"It could be asked by rural Albertans why 17 per cent of the population that lives in rural Alberta that has all the oil and gas revenue, does all the work, all the farms, all the agriculture and everything associated with it, goes to support urban Albertans who sit in high-rise condos and don't necessarily contribute to the grassroots of this economy," he said.

Blakeman said she took the remark as an insult to people who live in larger cities but Griffiths said he was only repeating what is said by people in rural Alberta.