Education minister Jeff Johnson has suspended his request for Alberta school boards to send him a decade's worth of documents on teacher conduct and competence.

Johnson had given school boards until Friday to submit all formal complaints made against Alberta teachers as well as information about teachers who left voluntarily due to misconduct or incompetence.

Johnson’s spokesman Dan Powers confirmed on Thursday that the request is now on hold because the minister and Mark Ramsankar, president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, have made progress in their talks.  

“They've come to the conclusion that perhaps they can work out the current situation face-to-face through negotiations,” he said.

Powers said the request hasn’t been cancelled, just put on hold.

“If we're unable to come to a satisfactory solution to the current challenges in the system with regards to disciplinary reviews and misconduct and competency cases, then perhaps we'll have to collect the data to get a better picture,” he said.

Johnson has been battling the ATA for months over the issue of who should be responsible for disciplining and evaluating the competency of teachers -- the government or the ATA.

A recent government task force recommended that responsibility be taken away from the ATA.

Earlier this year, Johnson permanently revoked the teaching certificates of four teachers who had been suspended by the ATA.  Johnson argued the suspensions didn’t go far enough.