If you've ever seen the movie "Despicable Me", you're probably familiar with the lovable minions that help a criminal mastermind.

minion, laurence rooney

Laurence Rooney flosses the minion's teeth to keep them sharp while is wife Barbara prepares to put ply another coat of food dye. (Laurence Rooney)

A couple in Parkland Beach, southwest of Edmonton, has created a three-metre ice statue of one in his front yard.

Laurence Rooney and his wife, built this statue for his grandkids, but it really has his neighbours talking.

"It's funny — people try to guess, especially when it's out in the street," Rooney said. "All the cars that go by stop and [say] 'What is it?' Well, come back and we'll tell ya."

Rooney used plywood, telephone wire and his local grocery's entire supply of yellow food colouring to complete the sculpture. He says keeping the statue in top form requires daily upkeep.