A fire in Mill Woods destroyed two homes on 37 A Avenue and damaged two others Sunday.

Mill Woods fire destroys two homes

Fire destroys two homes and damages two others in Mill Woods Sunday night. Damage is estimated at $1 million. (Arunajith Mendis)

The owner of the home where the fire started said he heard what sounded like explosions around 10 p.m. Sunday.

When people began banging on his door, Barry Snell said he thought they were trying to break in.

But almost immediately his wife began screaming and he could see flames inside his house.

"Suddenly the house was full of fire," he said.

His wife, daughter and dog quickly escaped the home to safety.

"We got out," Snell said. "Everything is in there. The house is destroyed."

The fire soon spread to the neighbouring home which was also destroyed and melted the siding of two adjacent houses.

Firefighters peg the damage at about $1 million for all four homes.

The cause is not yet known.