A temporary memorial is being set up on Friday for Isaak Kornelsen, the 21-year-old university student who was struck and killed while cycling on Whyte Avenue two years ago.

Jonathan Behnke, one of Kornelsen’s friends and teammates at the University of Alberta, is making what he calls a "parklet."


Kornelsen was a member of the U of A track team. (U of A)

A landscape design student, Behnke is building the memorial for a class assignment.

“With Isaak so fresh in my mind, at the time, it seemed like a natural fit to do something meaningful with that school project,” he said.

The memorial will be set up at the site where Kornelsen died Aug. 27, 2012.

An avid cyclist, Kornelsen was biking to work when he struck the mirror of a parked pick-up truck at Whyte Avenue and 101st Street.

He was killed instantly when he lost control and fell under the wheels of a cement truck.

Behnke’s memorial will honour Kornelsen’s passions,  with mountains cut out of wood and a floor painted to look like a running track.  Kornelsen was a member of the track team at the university.

Behnke hopes his installation will make people think about sharing the road.

“It is not going to solve all the problems, but the idea behind the parklet is just to get people thinking about it, to raise awareness about the idea,” he said.