Nearly 1,000 people gathered Monday night to pay tribute to Travis Colby.

The 30-year-old died after he tried to break up a bar fight last week at the Stony Plain Hotel.

Police said Colby was knocked unconscious when a bar patron hit him in the face. He was taken to hospital but never regained consciousness.

Friends and family attending the memorial spoke of Colby’s love of hockey and singing, and said he was always willing to help out.

Colby’s mother, Shirley Colby, said the memorial’s high attendance was no surprise.

Shirley Colby

Travis' mother Shirley Colby said her son touched many lives. (CBC)

“I wouldn’t have thought there would be anything less. He touched so many people all his life – we had to get the bigger hall [so] we could hold everybody.

"[It’s] unbelievable the amount of friends and people that Travis has touched."

Now his mother wants bars to be made safer for bouncers.

"Help them so that they have better earphones so they can call for help,” she said. “[Give them] better shirts and brightness, more lighting … any kind of surveillance cameras so that this won't happen again."

Colby leaves a wife and two young daughters.

RCMP have charged a 19-year-old male from Spruce Grove with manslaughter in Colby's death.