Milder temperatures have put winter-weary Edmontonians in a better mood — but have also revealed a season’s worth of garbage, gravel and dirt under the melting snow.

City crews have started cleaning up some of the trash but won’t be fully deployed until next month.

“We’re limited by the weather,” said Roland Aitchison, the city’s superintendent of operations. “And if we get a couple of centimetres of snow coming tonight, that changes everything.”

Aitchison points out that around this time last year, Edmonton saw a 22-centimetre snowfall.  So dry weather is the key to an early cleanup.

“If we get a good couple of weeks here, we should get a good start on it.”

Despite the trash, many people are welcoming the milder weather.

“I guess I’m just too grateful that it’s warm outside to even notice the trash,” said Kent McKay.