Defence lawyer Peter Royal is filing a law society complaint against Alberta Justice Minister and Attorney General Jonathan Denis over comments he made about the Allyson McConnell case.

McConnell was deported back to her native Australia on Monday after completing her sentence for drowning her two young sons at her Millet home in 2010.

McConnell left the country before the province’s higher court could hear the Crown’s appeal of her manslaughter conviction and six-year sentence.

Credit for time served before the trial meant McConnell spent 10 months in custody at Alberta Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Edmonton.

In a public letter issued earlier this week, Royal suggested that Denis, a lawyer, bordered on contempt when he said that McConnell’s sentence was too lenient.

Since the appeal is still before the courts, Royal wrote "for the attorney general to descend into the arena and make these sorts of comments is entirely inappropriate and indeed may constitute professional misconduct as a lawyer."

Royal told CBC News that the law society should have his complaint by Thursday morning.

The justice minister's office will only say that nothing has been received from Royal or the Law Society of Alberta.