McCann family makes another plea to find missing couple

The McCann family's public plea comes one week after the man who was accused of murdering the couple filed a $1-million lawsuit against the RCMP for wrongful prosecution

Lyle and Marie McCann have missing for nearly four years, but the family has not given up hope.

Lyle and Marie McCann were last seen on July 3, 2010. (CBC News)

It's been nearly four years since the Lyle and Marie McCann disappeared, but the family of the elderly couple has not yet given up hope. 

The family released a statement on Saturday, urging the public to help them in locating the couple.

"Since day one our family has had full confidence and trust in the RCMP and the Crown and we still do today," reads the statement.

"It's not over. Our focus continues to be finding our parents. We desperately need the public's help in locating them. If anyone has information or a tip that leads us to them, they can claim a $60k reward from Crimestoppers.

"From the beginning until we find them, we are investing all our energy and focus on finding them," the statement continued. "Thank you for your continued love and support."​

The McCanns were last seen on July 3, 2010, on the first day of a road trip to British Columbia. Their burned out motorhome was found two days later in the bush near Edson, Alta.  

Although their bodies have never been found, a judge issued a court order in 2011 declaring them dead

Travis Vader, 41, was accused of killing the McCanns. Two charges of first-degree murder were stayed last month

The McCanns' public plea comes a week after Vader filed a $1-million wrongful prosecution lawsuit against more than four dozen RCMP officers, Crown prosecutors and jail guards. 

CBC News