The provincial government must have a "grown-up conversation" with its big cities, according to Mayor Don Iveson, who wrote on his website about the need for a better partnership between the two levels of government. 

“If still sort of feels like the provincial government looks at us like we’re their children,” Iveson told reporters Wednesday, a day after the post was made on his blog.

“Edmonton and Calgary are sophisticated, multi-billion dollar, responsible, effective governments and it’s time for a real partnership with the province.”

However, Iveson says he has not heard enough policies for Edmonton from any of the three candidates running for the Progressive Conservative leadership.

Iveson says poverty elimination is one of the topics that hasn’t been discussed enough throughout the leadership campaign.

He also added that the city needs more support in paying for policing.

Nenshi also 'disappointed'

Iveson’s Calgary counterpart Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he is disappointed with the views of all three contenders for the leadership on city issues.

Nenshi asked Jim Prentice, Ric McIver and Thomas Lukaszuk for their positions on a number of issues important to the city, including infrastructure funding.

But aside from promising to work with Alberta municipalities, Nenshi said all three candidates outlined few actual policies.