A truck driver from Ryley, Alta. is fighting federal immigration officials who believe that his marriage to a 23-year-old Filipino woman is not legitimate.

Carwin Miltimore, 60, met his wife Marife on an online dating site. The couple had their first face-to-face meeting in the Philippines in April 2008, four months after they made contact online. They married ten months later.


Marife Miltimore remains in the Philippines while her husband continues his battle with Canadian immigration officials. (Travis McEwan/CBC News)

However, Miltimore's application to bring his wife to Canada was rejected by a visa officer. The 37-year age difference led the officer to believe that Marife married Miltimore as a way to come to Canada.

But Miltimore says he isn't being duped and that he and Marife love each other.

A federal immigration tribunal ruled in Miltimore's favour but federal officials are asking for the decision to be overturned because Marife wasn't cross-examined.  The matter will be heard on Aug. 27.

Miltimore calls the whole process a waste of money.

"She's not a threat to Canada. We're not staying here long," he said. "When I retire, we're going back. We just want to be together. If this fails, I'll probably quit my job and move."

Miltimore says he's already spent about $10,000 on his legal battle.