A high-profile marijuana activist from Vancouver says he will continue his cross-Canada tour with a stop in Edmonton Thursday evening despite being arrested and thrown in jail in Calgary.

Dana Larsen will bring his so-called Overgrow Canada Tour to the University of Alberta.

He launched the multi-stop event in Kelowna earlier this week without any trouble but now faces one charge each of trafficking and possession of marijuana after handing out free cannabis seeds at the Calgary event.

"It's no fun being arrested and spend the night sleeping on a hard wooden bench," Larsen said. "It's not about me. It's about supporting the many other people who are still in jail for cannibas."

As part of the tour, Larsen has been handing out free marijuana seeds, encouraging people to grow pot as a form of civil disobedience. 

His goal was to give away one million cannabis seeds to Canadians to plant on public and private property.

After yesterday's run-in with the law, Larsen said he will no longer give away free seeds at his public events but will make them available by mail order.

"We're getting more requests for seeds than ever, people who hadn't heard about the campaign before are now hearing about it," he said.

Larsen says the arrest has only generated more buzz around his campaign, urging him to re-double his efforts.

He now intends to to give away two million seeds.