'Mantracker' creator shocked at shooting of sidekick

The creator of the reality series "Mantracker" says he still can't believe a former star of the series was shot by police.

Curtis Hallock shot by RCMP after roadside confrontation

The creator of the reality series "Mantracker" says he still can't believe a former star of the series was shot by police.

RCMP say two officers were trying to pull over a vehicle when Curtis Hallock was shot. (Vimeo)

"It just didn't seem to fit ... the character that we got to know well while producing the program," said Ihor Macijiwsky.

Curtis Hallock appeared on the popular television show as the mantracker's sidekick.

"My crew was really impressed, as well as the mantracker, with how he behaved and how he conducted himself, so when I hear that this situation came up with the RCMP I was quite shocked and surprised," said Macijiwsky, who is also the show's executive producer.

Hallock was always calm and collected in tense situations, he said.

While the show's opening alludes to a troubled past, Macijiwsky would only say, "Curtis had his challenges earlier in his life and he turned that around."

Hallock was shot Thursday near Grande Cache, Alta., after two officers pulled him over under the suspicion Hallock was driving under the influence of alcohol.

A confrontation led to the shooting.  Hallock ran to his home a kilometre away where his sister Priscilla Bowen looked after him until paramedics arrived.

"He had lost a fair amount of blood," said Bowen, a nurse. "He obviously still had a bullet inside of him and other wounds. He was, I think, surviving on a primal fight or flight instinct at that point."

Her brother was not armed and the family has serious questions about why police opened fire, Bowen said.

"They (fired) numerous shots into the side of his truck, hitting him twice," she said.

While Hallock is expected to recover fully from his injuries, his former producer hopes things work out legally for him as well.

"It's obviously a very tragic situation," Macijiwsky said. "For that to happen, it's just unfortunate. I just hope it all resolves itself in the end."

The province's Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating the case.

The team is also investigating a fatal police shooting near Pigeon Lake Saturday and the death of a man who was shocked with a stun gun by Leduc RCMP Friday.

In all three cases, video taken from the RCMP cruisers' dashboard camera will provide key evidence about what happened.

With files from CBC's Terry Reith