A 25-year-old Camrose man accused of killing his mental health worker has been found unfit to stand trial.

Terrence Saddleback faced one count of manslaughter in the death of Valerie Wolski, 41.

Wolski was found dead in a Camrose house on Feb. 13. She worked for the Canadian Mental Health Association.


Terrence Saddleback is helped out of an armoured van at the Camrose courthouse on Wednesday. (CBC)

Saddleback was charged in her death on Feb. 23. Due to his mental capacity, the Crown asked for a court-ordered assessment to decide how to proceed with the case.

The judge assessed Saddleback's mental fitness based on an eight-page psychiatric assessment prepared by Dr. Christopher Green at Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.

"[Saddleback is] unable to communicate with counsel. He is unable to communicate meaningfully," Crown prosecutor Rod Clark told reporters outside the courthouse. 


Mental health worker Valerie Wolski was found dead inside a Camrose home Feb. 13. (Courtesy Craig Wolski)

"He does not understand the nature of the pleas — the difference between a plea of guilty or not guilty, for example."

Saddleback was remanded to Alberta Hospital. His fate will be determined by the Alberta Review Board, which will hold a hearing within 45 days.

"They have various options in the criminal code open to them. To me, the clearest option that will happen is he will be held at the Alberta Hospital indefinitely," Clark said. "It will be reviewed from time to time."

The psychiatric report will not be released to the public.