Man targeted smaller women in sex assaults, police say

A man has been charged in three sexual assaults in downtown Edmonton between April and July 2014.

A man has been charged in three sexual assaults in central Edmonton between April and July 2014.

The assaults took place between 5 p.m. and 12 a.m.  In each case, the suspect targeted small women, said Staff Sgt. Shawna Grimes from the Edmonton police sexual assault section.

The assaults took place in public areas. Grimes said the suspect waited until the women moved into more isolated areas. 

“He kind of lingered in the area and waited for his opportunity," she said. "He didn’t lure them anywhere.”

The attacks occurred near Commonwealth Stadium, Kingsway and 119th Street and 82nd Street and 111th Avenue. 

Police say the suspect appears to be in his late teens to early 20s, about 6 feet tall with a thin build.

Although the male has been charged, Grimes says investigative and legal considerations force them not to be more specific about his identity or exactly where the attacks occurred. 

The man remains in custody. Police believe there may have been other incidents and they are asking people to come forward.

One of the attacks was witnessed by a family. Grimes is hoping they come forward so they can help police with the investigation.