A professional boxer originally from Fort McPherson, N.W.T., has been identified as the pedestrian who was struck and killed in Edmonton Sunday night.

Jonathan Andre, 31, was struck by a white Honda Civic just before midnight as he was crossing 118th Avenue and 42nd Street in the northeast part of the city. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say a 24-year-old woman was behind the wheel of the car. No charges have yet been laid. Police are investigating reports the car was racing at the time Andre was struck.

Andre was a junior middleweight boxing champion who was living and training in Edmonton. He only started his athletic career after showing up at the Cougar Boxing Club in 2006.

But he showed great promise and an even greater desire to do well. Andre won 22 of the 27 bouts he fought as an amateur; he won his first two bouts after turning professional last year.

Andre spoke to CBC News in September about the challenges he had overcome in life.

"Numerous times in prison. Been addicted to drugs, alcohol, pills. Nothing I'm proud of," he said.

He credited his family, his faith and his girlfriend for helping him straighten out his life.

He was also proud of his Gwich'in native culture, his girlfriend, Andrea Fowler said.  


Bingham Goodwin coached Andre at the Cougar Boxing Club in Edmonton. (CBC)

"He was very proud of who he was and where he came from and he always carries that with him," she said. "He always did."

Andre's death was also mourned by the people who knew him in Edmonton.

"We lost somebody who could be an inspiration to native people and a goodwill ambassador of the North," said Bingham Goodwin, his trainer at the Cougar club. 

"He was a role model. We have kids from 11 years old and up and they just gravitate to him ... most of all, we lost a friend."

Goodwin said Andre was well-liked in Edmonton's fighting community and members of every club in the city gathered at the Cougar club Tuesday.

"There were maybe 70, 80, people here last night," he said. "Everybody was in disbelief and shock because the whole thing was so senseless."

Andre's funeral is scheduled to take place this weekend in Fort McPherson.