Police are investigating after a man was stabbed by two suspects at the Stadium LRT station Sunday morning.

Staff Sgt. Malcolm Allan said the victim, 19, was stabbed twice in the back by two men who approached him from behind.

The victim said he did not know the two suspects, who are described as in their late teens or early 20s.

But Allan said it appears the victim may have been specifically targeted.

"Our analysis of the the video to this point of the investigation would suggest that our victim was targeted by these individuals," said Allan. "So, that leads us to a conclusion that if an individual was targeted, then there’s probably some form of association between the two."

Police are now reviewing eyewitness statements and video from the LRT security system to determine what exactly happened.

In the meantime, they are saying that Edmontonians do not need to worry about their safety using the LRT system.

"Our sense is that this is a targeted thing that could have just as easily have taken place on the street or in a shopping mall or in a parking lot. And it just happened to occur on the LRT system."