Charges are pending after a tenant with knife broke into the office of a property management company in west Edmonton and slashed an employee’s neck.

The confrontation started around 10:30 Monday morning when a man in his 60s got into an argument about his rental property with staff at Helm Property Management on Stony Plain Road.

Insp. Brian Nowlan

Insp. Brian Nowlan said the employee was bleeding so much from the cut in his neck that he was losing consciousness. (CBC )

The man left but staff believed he would return. The supervisor sent them all home and locked the door.

The man returned to the office about two hours later with a knife. An eyewitness saw him trying to smash a window with the back end of the knife for about three for four minutes.

“When he found the building was locked, he began raising a ruckus, hammering and screaming and swearing and yelling,” said Insp. Brian Nowlan of Edmonton Police.

“People from the other businesses came out to see what the problem was and they were the ones that called police.”

Once he broke the window, the man went inside and found the supervisor, a man in his 40s, in the back office.

“Scuffled with that individual,” Nowlan said. “That individual ended up with a significant cut to his neck.”

Witness Lee Porta saw the victim come running outside to police.

“He was just holding his neck and he just came running out,” she said. “The police officer at the door yelled someone's coming out.  He's unarmed and he's hurt.”

Meanwhile, the angry man was still inside with the knife. Police saw him start to cut his own wrists but then he surrendered to officers, allowing them handcuff  him and put him in an ambulance.

The experience was terrifying for people who work in the building.

“We really didn't know what was going on and we were scared,” said Phyllis Bright. “It was really nerve-wracking. We saw machine guns. Well they looked like machine guns.”

Still Porta was impressed with how police handled the situation.

“This is way better than any of the cop shows you see on TV because you really saw the real professionalism,” Porta said.

Nowlan said the victim was bleeding so heavily that he was losing consciousness at the scene. He and the suspect are expected to recover