Police search a street in Pleasantview Thursday for a suspect in a shooting. ((CBC))

A man was taken to hospital Thursday morning after he was shot.

It happened in a southside neighbourhood.

The city police canine unit spent the morning searching a one-block area in Pleasantview at 107A Street and 60A Avenue.

"I couldn't believe it in this neighbourhood," said Audrey Vetsch, who has lived in the community for 53 years. "It's a friendly neighbourhood."

Around 8:30 a.m., a man knocked on the door of a home, saying he needed help, said Sgt. Kelly Stell.

The man had a gunshot wound, which is not life threatening, said Stell.

He was taken by ambulance to hospital where he is in serious but stable condition.

Police said the victim is known to them. So far, police have no eyewitnesses and no suspects.

Susan Lamash was taking her kids to her mother's home when her mother phoned.

"She called frantically, saying that there were police inside the house," she said. 

Lamash's mother heard a gunshot and saw some people in her back yard. She quickly locked the door, said Lamash. 

She saw a man in front of the home on his knees, said Lamash. Her mother believed the man had been shot in the leg.

"We were just worried...we were coming with her grandchildren," said Lamash.  

Police don't know if the victim lived in the area.